Help us to reach your consumers. We need your barcodes.

Why do we need the barcodes?

We use barcode scanning to help consumers identify wines in store. Barcodes avoid potential confusion about wine names and are the most reliable method of identification. We might already have your barcode data on file but uploading your barcodes will help us confirm the information we hold is correct.

How do I upload my barcodes?

We’ve created the form below to help you provide us with your barcodes. Simply follow each of the steps in turn and click upload when you’re finished.


In three simple steps.

  • STEP 1

    Are your barcodes in a spreadsheet?

    If you have a spreadsheet of your barcodes, we can import your data into our database. Simply locate your spreadsheet using the prompt below.

    If you don’t have a spreadsheet, no problem – simply skip ahead to STEP 2.

  • Accepted file types: csv, xlsx, Max. file size: 1 MB.

  • STEP 2

    Add individual barcodes.

    Want to add wines individually? No problem! You can use the form below to add all of the required information. Once complete, select “Upload”. If you would like to enter another barcode, just select “Upload another barcode” on the following screen.

  • STEP 3

    All done?

    If you’re ready, go ahead and click upload.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.