Buying wine just got way easier. Never stand in a liquor shop again wondering which of the hundreds or even thousands of wines you’ll take home tonight.

We’ve analysed tens of thousands of wines, prices and professional ratings to bring the power of data to that decision. Simply pick up the bottle of wine you’re considering, scan the barcode with Vinloco and we’ll tell you instantly whether that wine is good value or if you should try something else. It’s that easy.

All our ratings come from qualified Australian and international wine judges so you can trust our independent assessments. Try the app users tell us changes their wine buying decisions for the better the very first time they use it. Once you do, we don’t think you’ll want to shop for wine ever again without Vinloco.




Step One

Touch the magnifying glass to scan your bottle’s barcode.


Step Two

Our scanner automatically focuses your phone and captures the bottle’s barcode.


Step Three

Enter the price of the wine you’ve just scanned.


Step Four

Enter the vintage or year of the wine you’ve just scanned.


Step Five

Here’s our simple guide to whether you should buy this wine or consider another.



Meet some of the team.


Matthew Horton

I’m a print publisher – not a wine expert. And neither are most of Australia’s 11.5 million regular wine shoppers. So when I found myself wondering a few years back how to choose between the hundreds of bottles on offer at the local retailer, I realised I probably wasn’t alone. I wanted to create an App drawing on a database that combined all the critical variables of price and quality to help me make a rational shopping decision. In short I wanted to know which wine was the best value.

What started out as a simple retail insight is also a great tool for wine buyers and producers. We think Vinloco will not only redefine the way consumer’s think about their next wine purchase but will bring a great deal of power to wine producers as they begin to learn more about the retail landscape. Matthew is founder and CEO of Vinloco.



Tyson Stelzer

Tyson Stelzer is a multi-award winning wine writer with an annual readership of four million. He was named The Wine Communicators of Australia Australian Wine Communicator of the Year 2013 and The International Champagne Writer of the Year 2011 in The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards. Tyson has contributed his independent ratings to Vinloco and will participate in future tasting panels.




Peter Scudamore-Smith MW
Vinloco Wine Panel Member

Peter Scudamore‐Smith, is one of Vinloco’s panellists. Based in Brisbane, Peter is one of Australia’s leading wine authorities. He was only the second Australian to earn the prestigious Master of Wine qualification – now one of only 19 in this country – and has judged more than 76 wine shows both here and overseas. Peter has presided at the prestigious International Wine Challenge, the Winestate awards and been a regular member of the Royal Queensland Wine Show panel.



Rob Geddes MW

Rob Geddes contributes ratings to Vinloco’s database. Rob is the author of Australian Wine Vintages, which has been published since 1979, and was the third Australian to pass the rigorous IMW exams and become a Master of Wine. Sydney-based Rob is also an educator, a respected national and international wine judge and a charismatic public speaker.



The good questions you’re going to ask.


What does the app do?

Vinloco helps you choose the best wine you can buy for your money. Whether you’re shopping for your Friday night sauvignon blanc, an everyday shiraz or a celebratory champagne we will tell you whether you’re getting a bargain or whether you should consider another instead.



How does the app work?

We’ve analysed tens of thousands of independent wine judges’ ratings and prices from Australia’s top liquor retailers to produce an objective assessment of the wine you’re considering. We compare the ratings and the price of the wine you’re considering against all others in its category to conclude whether that bottle is great value or whether you can buy better for your money.



What is the list of wines displayed below?

This is a list of the top value wines in the same category as the wine you’ve just scanned at about the same price. If you’ve just scanned a $12 chardonnay, then we’ll show you the best $12 chardonnays in Australia.

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