14/10 2016

1000 rieslings later, these are the best so far….

1000 rieslings later, these are the best so far….

We’re 2/3 through this year’s Australian wine show season. We’ve logged more than 20,000 scores and started wondering which was heading for this year’s best and fairest. Like many wine shows, we started with rieslings. More than 1000 scores have been posted for dry rieslings so far. After spending three days and nights cleaning up the data and running […]

15/08 2016

How to buy wine like a boss

How to buy wine like a boss

Cosmopolitan magazine has come up with the complete guide for buying wines for newbies. The September issue is on sale now.

11/08 2016

Helping the 96% who failed this wine test

Helping the 96% who failed this wine test

Study after study shows most people can’t tell wines apart by price alone. Expensive wines in a blindfolded test taste usually attract the same level of appreciation as those that are a fraction of the price. We at Vinloco live and die by this observation. That’s why we created our app to help people buy […]

19/07 2016

A world-beater? Or just selling another chardonnay?

It’s liquid gold!!!! ….. if you believe the retailer. “The xxxxx 2014 Chardonnay may become one of the most coveted wines in the land come the 1st of August, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on this spectacular release. Whilst we cannot reveal everything, the xxxx 2014 Chardonnay is due to […]

24/06 2016

You can’t taste price

You can’t taste price

We’ve been singing it from the rooftops for three years but now it’s official: “There is no direct correlation between price and quality in wine”. That’s from the world’s foremost wine authority, Jancis Robinson. Jancis has written nine books on wine including the definitive, 900 page “Oxford Companion to Wine” and just released the “24 […]

01/05 2016

“Honest” Coles still doesn’t declare private label wines

“Honest” Coles still doesn’t declare private label wines

Private label wine production is all about “integrity”, respect for wine producers and competing with brands on quality, according to the head of Coles supermarkets’ 500-strong portfolio of retailer-owned liquor brands. So much so, apparently, that Lucy Clements feels “a real responsibility to make sure… our liquor stores are true and honest places to sell […]

06/03 2016

6000 reasons why you should buy $7 wine

Or …proof that you can’t distinguish it from a $100 wine. We at Vinloco are passionate in our belief that wine can’t be chosen on price alone. So much so that we ponied up $400 to prove our point at our Australia Day BBQ. Here’s what happened: We selected five bottles of cabernet shiraz (the […]

03/03 2016

The great Australian blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi! What the national chant lacks in sophistication is usually made up for with enthusiasm. So, as the flags start fluttering from cars around the nation ahead of Australia Day, our thoughts are turning to what will be in the Southern Cross-spangled cooler next Tuesday. Australia’s most distinctive wine […]

27/02 2016

How to pick the best cabernet sauvignon

Nine in a line….which should you choose? Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s favorite red grape. It plays second fiddle to shiraz in Australia but cabernet’s fans love its softer, medium-bodied flavours. So when a large wine producer sends out an offer to buy any or all of nine cabernets offering steep “discounts” of up to […]

14/02 2016

Pink drinks for Valentine’s Day!

If you want to get your Valentine’s Day off to a romantic start this Sunday, don’t miss our exclusive list of the hottest roses out later this week. Sparkling or still, we know the best value pink wines to buy to get maximum bang for your buck. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. And […]